Bread Machines Ultimate Buying Guide

Are you are looking for a Bread Machine? What is more delicious than the smell of fresh baked bread? Baking your own bread is easy when you have your own bread maker. There are quite a few on the market and you want to make sure you find the best bread machines that you can don’t you? But how do you make the choice? Before you go buying any bread maker lets take a look at what our research has uncovered about the “best” Bread Machine on the market.

SKG Automatic Bread Machine 2LB - Beginner Friendly Programmable Bread Maker
In the picture: SKG Automatic Bread
Machine Programmable
2lb Bread Maker
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SKG Automatic Bread Machine

3 Best Bread Makers:

  1. SKG Automatic Bread Machine
  2. Zojirushi BB-PAC20 Home Bakery Virtuoso Breadmaker
  3. Hamilton Beach Programmable Bread Machine

Amazon have their own list of best Bread Machines below – many are on sale.

If you’re curious (or in a hurry):

This specific Bread Machine is the most popular with our readers.

It has 19 automatic programs including gluten free and whole wheat. You can also use it to make cakes, jams and yogurt!  But you will also find that it is also one of the best priced  bread makers you’ll find online.

It has a load of 5-Star reviews. If you can get it for under $100, grab it. That’s one heck of a deal on a GOOD bread maker! (check current price & read reviews here).

Which Bread Machine Is The Best?

When it comes to the bread makers with the best ratings, these are the 6 best bread makers to choose from. All are great bread makers and for a reasonable price. (compare these 6 bread makers here)

Bread Machine – Best Choices:

  1. SKG Automatic Bread Machine 2LB – Beginner Friendly Programmable Bread Maker – info page
  2. Zojirushi BB-PAC20 Home Bakery Virtuoso Breadmaker – info page
  3. Hamilton Beach Programmable Bread Machine – info page
  4. Oster 2-Pound Expressbake Bread Machine – info page
  5. Sunbeam 5891 2-Pound Programmable Breadmaker – info page
  6. Cuisinart CBK-100 2 LB Bread Maker – info page

What do Consumer Reports reviews say about Bread Makers? After their own in-depth testing and independent review process, Consumer Reports also chose this same Bread Maker as their winner and best all-around Bread Machine.

We’ll look into this more below.

ANY of the 6 Bread Machines in the list above are great units that you should be very happy with.


Compare ONLY the 6 Best Bread Machines above on One Page Here

buying tip: watch that page above for deals on the Cuisinart CBK-100 2 LB Bread Maker (#6 on the list) – if it’s under $85, it’s a GREAT deal.

Bread Machine Buying Guide

So let’s find a bread machine that YOU will love.

That’s what this Bread Maker Buying Guide is for – to help you figure out what you need from your Bread Maker, compare inexpensive models and high-end Bread Maker brands, see current sale prices on the Bread Makers with the best rating to get the best deal, etc… all with the end goal of helping YOU find the perfect bread maker for YOUR needs.

☑️ Tip: If you want to make gluten free bread

Zojirushi BB-PAC20 Home Bakery Virtuoso Breadmaker with Gluten Free Menu setting

More and more people are finding they are gluten intolerant these days, and gluten free bread is usually more expensive than even whole wheat bread. So it is even more economical to bake your own gluten free bread at home. The Zojirushi BB-PAC20 Home Bakery Virtuoso Breadmaker has 10 pre-programmed settings that consist of Basic, Basic Wheat, Basic Dough, Quick, Quick Wheat, Quick Dough, Jam, Cake, Sour Dough Starter, and Home Made and  three crust shades – light, medium and dark.

The custom menu means you can bake a gluten free load as well as using organic ingredients. This machine has two kneading blades to ensure the dough is mixed thoroughly and a heating element built into its lid which ensures a beautiful browned crust every time!

This may be one of the more expensive bread makers, but with the two mixing paddles and the extra heating element the bread is of exceptional quality.

See the Zojirushi BB-PAC20 Home Bakery Virtuoso Breadmaker here

☑️ Tip: If you want a Bread Maker in black…

==>> check out this Hamilton Beach Programmable Bread Machine.

  • Hamilton Beach Programmable Bread Machine, 2-Pound Bread Maker with Gluten-Free Setting12 settings including gluten free, french, quick bread (no yeast), whole grain, dough, cake and jam
  • 1.5lb and 2lb size loaves
  • Prepare perfect dough for rolls and pizza.
  • comes in black to match your kitchen decor!
  • comes with a spare kneading paddle
  • includes a recipe booklet with Bob’s Mill custom gluten-free recipes


They are also on SALE quite often (check current price here)

This Buying Guide will help you navigate ALL the “best” Bread Machines 2017 has to offer – and help you find the right one for YOU.

How Does A Bread Maker Work?

Making bread by hand entails five stages:

Mixing: mixes the flour, yeast, water, fat, sugar, and salt and mix together to make dough

Kneading: makes the dough stretchy and elastic

Rising: the dough sits in a warm place, the yeast does it’s job and the the dough expands to twice it’s size

Knocking down and proving: the air is knocked out of the dough and it rises a second time

Baking: the dough is baked to produce a loaf of bread

A Bread Machine does all these steps for you automatically! It is basically a small electric oven that holds a bread tin. The tin has a metal paddle (or sometimes two) inside it that is driven by an electric motor.

The first job the bread maker will do is to mix the ingredients, then it will knead the dough. Next, the machine will sit quietly while the dough rises. Another kneading, then comes the proving. Finally, the heating element will switch on and the bread will bake – get ready for the delicious smell of fresh bread!

Handy tip: if you do not like the holes left by the paddle – identify the final rise phase, open the machine and take the dough out, reshape it by hand, remove the paddles and replace the dough and close the machine!

Advantages of making bread with a Bread Maker

Have you noticed the list of ingredients on the loaf of bread you just bought? It looks more like a chemical experiment than food you are about to eat. Including corn syrup, distilled vinegar, dough conditioners (mono-diglycerides), sodium stearoyl lactylate, ascorbic acid, monocalcium phosphate and calcium propionate. Some of these ingredients are needed to keep the bread fresher for longer. So, when you are baking your own bread you are in control of what goes into your loaf and you do not have to add all these “extras”.

With your own bread maker you can experiment with organic and artisan flours or add herbs, spices, fruit or nuts – and make loaves of bread that you cannot even find in the shops.

Making bread is cheaper  than buying it, especially if you are baking gluten free or “fancy” breads. It is also very convenient, as long as you have a supply of flour, yeast etc you can whip up a loaf of bread at any time.

How to choose a Bread Maker?

Cuisinart CBK-100 2 LB Bread Maker
In the picture: Cuisinart CBK-100
2 LB Bread Maker
get more info:
Cuisinart CBK-100 Bread Maker

What do you need to consider when purchasing a Bread Machine? Although all bread machines may seem more or less the same, you will want to choose the best bread machine you can and here are a few things that help you choose:

Are you going to be making gluten free bread? There are two bread machines that specifically state that they can produce gluten free loaves: the Zojirushi BB-PAC20 Home Bakery Virtuoso Breadmaker has double blades and a heating element in the lid to make sure you get an even crust. The SKG Automatic Bread Machine can produce a 1lb, 1 1/2lb and a 2lb loaf. It has 19 automatic programs including gluten free and whole wheat.

Most bread makers are capable of making loaves up to 2lb – buy if you are looking for a machine that can produce a smaller loaf of 1lb then there are two machines to choose from: the Cuisinart CBK-100 2 LB Bread Maker can make 1lb, 1 1/2lb and 2lb loaves, has 12 pre programmed options, 3 crust settings and a 13 hour time delay. The SKG Automatic Bread Machine  (which can also make a gluten free loaf) can produce a 1lb, 1 1/2lb and a 2lb loaf.

How to make bread using a Bread Maker

Get to know your machine. Make sure you take some time to get to know your machine. Read through the manual. Check out the settings on the machine. What loaf sizes can it make? What kinds of cycles does it have? Does it have crust control settings?

Measure out your ingredients. Measure out the ingredients required for the bread recipe you are using. Be careful when you are weighing each ingredient, bread making is an exact science and you need to be accurate. The ingredients should be at room temperature.

Add your ingredients. Make sure you add your ingredients in order specified in the recipe. This is necessary to make sure the yeast does not come into contact with the liquid.

Select your settings. The exact settings will depend on your machine. You will need to select the cycle such as “basic”, “express bake”, “dough”, “cake”, “jam”, or “gluten-free”. Then the crust setting, choose between light, medium, and dark crust. If there is a time delay option, set that to when you want your loaf to be ready.

Press start. Now all you need to do is press the start button. If you’re going to add fruit and nuts, do so when the machine sounds an alarm. (some machines add the extras automatically)

What can you make using a Bread Maker?

The obvious answer is BREAD of course! But there is practically no limit on the type of bread you can make: white, wholemeal, wholewheat, gluten free, French, sweet,  cinnamon-raisin bread, sourdough, oatmeal and more!

Not only that, but you can also use your bread maker to make pizza dough, pasta dough, yogurts, cakes, jams, flatbreads and croissants.

✅ Best Bread Machine WINNER

Which Bread Machine is  the BEST? If we had to pick just ONE Juicer we agree with Amazon on the results below:
Oster 2-Pound Expressbake Bread Machine with 13-Hour Delay Timer
Amazon chooses the Oster 2-Pound Expressbake Bread Machine with 13-Hour Delay Timer as their ‘Amazon’s Choice‘ 2017 Winner. It has an extra wide 3 inch feeder chute to allow larger pieces of fruit or vegetables, and a 850 watt motor for fast juicing and extra juice.

Looking at all the reviews for this bread maker, based on price, user experiences & feedback, value, quality, size, and juice extraction – this is the best juicer you can buy that fits all budgets and juicing needs.

This Bread Machine is rated = 4.3/5

What IS GREAT about this bread machine that Amazon and our readers picked as their winner, is that it has a 2.0lb loaf capacity, 12 bread settings and 3 crust settings – great for a variety of breads, dough and jam.

You can see Amazon’s Choice Winner here: Oster 2-Pound Expressbake Bread Machine with 13-Hour Delay Timer